Packages 3 days

1st day -  Cayo Chichime


Chichime is beautiful and one of the biggets islands, but to take a walk all around the island doesan't take more than 20 minutes along amazing scenarios, cristal clear water with the most diverse of blue shades. There is also Chichime chica that is full of starfishes all over the shore.

3rd day -Cayo Coco Bandero


365 Paradise islands for you

What we created here is a suggested tour guide, we are very flexible and elaborate our guide at the check-in with all parts together considering what you want to do.

When you choose a shared pack, the decisions about the script will also be shared among all.

If you choose a private charter then the decisions are all up to you.

Here we gathered a suggestion for a one week stand wich is a perfect amount of time to meet San Blás in no rush and enjoy the best of this paradise. We don't have a minnimun stay, but the more you stay, the better you enjoy.

2nd day - Salardup


Salardup or Isla Estrella how it also know as, is a charming place, with many starfish all over it. A calm beach with white sand and full of coconut trees. There is also a place for snorkeling on the island.


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and Portuguese

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