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All Inclusive

Povo Guna Yala

The Guna Yala (San Blas) region is an autonomy Indian territory with 365 paradisiac Islands, rich culture, wonderful snorkeling and wild life, so an amazing destiny:

Our packages includes everything from food and beverages to fuel, captain, hostess snorkeling, kayak and paddle bord. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED!

- For breakfast, fresh breads, pancakes and fresh fruits.

- For Lunch and dinner, you will enjoy delicious dishes prepared from Vegetables and Vegetables bottle, Lobster, Octopus, Fish always fresh, caught on the day.
Food is usually on board the sailboat or on some often desert island paradise!

- Beveranges are offered, beer, run, wine, some drinks, soda, juices and water.
Remember that I approach, you should drink in moderation

Come sail the 365 islands of the archipelago, feel the sun warm your heart, the trade winds refresh your soul and the sound of the candles feed your dreams.

- Learn to sail, our captain is happy to teach beginners sailing basics, or even just help sail the most experienced.

Stand up Paddle and kayak, you can enjoy a relaxing paddle over the crystal clear waters of San Blás.

- Snorkeling, alone or in the company of the captain you can contemplate corals, colorful fish, rays, turtles, dolphins, shipwrecks and even sharks for the bravest. (In Guna Yala territory no cylinder diving is allowed)

- Fishing, for those who like fishing, there are boats especially dedicated to it.
With fishing gear, or you can try harpoon fishing.
Guaranteeing a delicious ceviche, sashimi or a tasty Pargo Rojo.
Just rest, if your goal is this, it's in the right place! Far from all the hype or noise you can rest in a lazy hammock in the shade of the coconut tree, sunbathe on the sailboat's deck, enjoy a deserted island, watch the sunset, fall in love with starry nights, or just toast life!

Included Activities and Amenities

Guna Yala people

The Guna Yala (San Blás) region is an autonomous indigenous territory, with 365 paradisiacal islands, rich culture, wonderful diving and exceptional forests, offers an incredible destination!
You can go to a traditional village, interact, buy Mola  (local crafts).

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