How to get

By air

Undoubtedly, it is the best and most fun way to get to San Blás, it takes just 40 minutes to board at Marcos A. Gelabert Airport (Albrook) in Panama City and disembark at Corazón de Jesus in San Blás.

In this quick trip you will enjoy the beautiful view of the Central American forest and the wonderful San Blás archipelago.


Cesna 206 airplane

Single-engine 5 passenger seats Maximum weight allowed 750 - 800 Pounds (Pax + equipment)
Value per flight US$ 547.50 + 7%(itbms)
Round trip US$1095 + 7%(itbms)​

Value per passenger:
3 pax $365 round trip + 7%(itbms)
4 pax $274 round trip per person + 7%(itbms)
5 pax $219 round trip per person + 7%(itbms)

*US$20 per passenger fee for the use of the Corazon de Jesus runway.


By Land + Speedboat

This transport option is the longest, approximately 5 hours from your hotel to the boat, and also the cheapest.

First part is done by 4x4 car.
The transport will pick you up at the Hotel, airport or previously arranged address around 5:30 am.
A trip that lasts approximately 3:00hs in a shared 4x4.
On the road there will be a border, between Panama and the Guna Yala region, at this point you pay the entrance fee to the territory, it is US$ 20.00 per person.
Arriving at the Port of Cartí around 8:30 am.
In Porto the driver will take you to the speedboat that will bring you to the boat.

*If you have a car or want to rent one to come, it needs to be 4x4. Even the road being paved is not in good condition, this is a requirement of the Kuna Congress

Second part is made by a Kuna Speedboat
Upon arriving at the port, all tourists are required to pay an “embarkation fee”. The tax is mandatory for all travelers who will use the port. The amount of US$ 2 must be paid in one of the huts on site (the Kunas themselves will be responsible for saying where the payment must be made).
At 9:00 am your speedboat leaves, from the port to the boat it takes approximately 1 more hour and you will be ready to enjoy paradise!



Cesna 172 airplane 

Single-engine, 3 passenger seats,
Maximum allowed weight 450 - 500 pounds (Pax + equipment)
Value per flight US$450.50 + 7%(itbms)

Round trip $901 + 7%(itbms)

​Value per passenger:

1 pax US$ 901.0  round trip + 7% (itbms)

2 pax US$ 450.5  round trip per person + 7% (itbms)

3 pax US$ 301  round trip per person + 7% (itbms)

*US$20 per passenger fee for the use of the Corazon de Jesus runway.

How to get to San Blas

To get to San Blas, you have two options. by air approximately 40 min, or by land, 4x4 car + Guna speedboat approximately 5 hours.
Both transport services are not carried out by us Sailboattrips nor by our hosts, what we do is recommend the best companies in the business. Those who have provided a good service to our customers.
See below how it works and how much each type of transport to San Blas costs.

FB_IMG_1656639499312 (1).jpg

Islander airplane 

Twin engine, 8 passenger seats,

Value per flight US$1605 + 7%(itbms)

Round trip US$ 3210 + 7%(itbms)

Value per passenger:

6 pax US$ 535 round trip + 7% (itbms)

7 pax US$ 459 round trip per person + 7%(itbms)

8 pax US$ 401 round trip per person + 7%(itbms)

*US$ 20.00 per passenger, round trip fee for the use of the Corazon de Jesus runway.

Cost to get to the boat via Land

USD 162.00 per person round trip including (4x4 + speedboat + taxes)

USD 70.00 per person round trip. Transfer from Panama City to Porto.
USD 70.00 per person round trip. Speedboat transfer from Porto to the boat.
USD 20.00 per person. Entrance fee to Comarca Guna Yala.
USD 2.00 per person. Entrance fee to the Port of Carti.


San Blas Panama