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Discover the natural and unspoiled beauty of Belize aboard our incredible all-inclusive catamarans and get the best 5 star experience in Belize.   See our catamarans and itinerary.



Private Catamaran, All Inclusive

Boat price $1895 + $150 person day

2 person $ 1195 per day
3 person $ 2345  per day

4 person $ 2495 per day

5 person $ 2645 per day
6 person $ 2795 per day

7 person $ 2945 per day
8 person $ 3095 per day

Starting At

$ 387



Catamaran Privado,  All Inclusive

Boat price $1590 + $150 person day

2 person $ 1890per day
3 person $ 2040  per day

4 person $ 2190 per day

5 person $ 2340 per day
6 person $ 2490 per day

7 person $ 2640 per day
8 person $ 2790 per day

Starting At




Private Catamaran, All Inclusive

Boat price $1650 + $150 person day

2 person $ 1950 per day
3 person $ 2100 per day

4 person $ 2250 per day

5 person $ 2400 per day
6 person $ 2550 per day

7 person $ 2700 per day
8 person $ 2850 per day

Starting At




Private Catamaran, All Inclusive

Boat price $1525 + $150 person day

2 person $ 1825 per day
3 person $ 1975 per day

4 person $ 2125 per day

5 person $ 2275 per day
6 person $ 2245 per day

Starting At




Private Catamaran, All Inclusive

Boat price $1525 + $150 person day

2 person $ 1825 per day
3 person $ 1975 per day

4 person $ 2125 per day

5 person $ 2275 per day
6 person $ 2245 per day

Starting At




Private Catamaran, All Inclusive

Boat price $1395 + $150 person day

2 person $ 1695 per day
3 person $ 1845 per day

4 person $ 1995 per day

5 person $ 2145 per day
6 person $ 2295 per day

Starting At



Belize is a country on the east coast of Central America, facing the Caribbean Sea and with a dense forest to the west.
Far from the coast, Belize's gigantic Coral Barrier, with hundreds of Cayos and an amazing and diverse marine life.

Climb aboard one of our Sailboats or Catamarans and enjoy this Caribbean gem

Take you to Belize Barrier Reef which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the second largest coral reef in the world offers amazing beaches,
crystal clear waters and some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world.


Day 2 Caye Caulker

Sail to the sleepy island of Caye Caulker, fish along the way and enjoy a swim on arrival. ‘No shirt, no shoes, no problem’ is the motto of this island and typifies the vibe.  The white sandy beaches, ocean breezes, fresh seafood, azure waters and a fantastic barrier reef on its doorstep make it a perfect place to relax and unwind.  A trip to Caye Caulker is not complete without a late afternoon Belikin beer or a rum punch at the Lazy Lizard bar at ‘The Split’ – a lively swimming area, which separates the two islands of Caye Caulker.


Day 3 Northern Marine Reserve

Enjoy a morning of snorkelling at one of the Northern Marine Reserves. We can take you to the north cut of Caye Caulker, to Coral Gardens or to Tuffy Channel for a morning’s snorkelling.

The not to be missed Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley has to be done in a smaller tour boat, which we can arrange for an extra charge using the local tour shop. Swim amongst beautiful shoals of tropical fish, turtles, eagle rays, stingrays, moray eels and grouper. Follow this with a dip at Shark Ray Alley, a site where local fishermen used to clean their catch, which attracts more carnivorous species such as big southern stingrays and nurse sharks!

Day 4 Ambergis Caye

Ambergris Caye is the most northerly Caye in Belize and touches the Yucatan peninsular of Mexico. Lying only a quarter of a mile from the barrier reef, it’s one of the best locations in the world for scuba diving, snorkelling and sports fishing.

The main town San Pedro has the broadest range of tourist amenities in Belize, including art and craft shops, boutique hotels, fine dining establishments and plenty of local eateries to explore.

For those wanting to get off the boat and explore, we recommend renting a golf cart and going north, there are some internationally acclaimed fun beach bars, boutique retreats for spa treatments and some of the best beaches on the island to relax on, including the (not so secret) Secret Beach.


Day 5 Swallow Caye

Swallow Caye has been declared a wildlife sanctuary to protect the manatees and other marine life that call it home. Manatees, which are also known as ‘sea cows’ are gentle, slow moving, plant-eating herbivores and their closest living relatives are elephants and aardvarks. They can grow over 13 feet in length and weigh up to 3,500 pounds. Despite being an endangered species, manatees are present in the waters of Belize and can be seen throughout the year. (Please note it is not possible to swim with the Manatees).

Day 6 Goff's Caye

Goff’s Caye is one of our favorite islands because it reminds us why postcards were invented. The 2 acre island sits right on the barrier reef so you can snorkel straight from the shore, or simply relax in the water on the sandbar with an icy cold Belikin beer. Dolphins frequent the waters and we’ve on occasions spotted a manatee, amongst the other kaleidoscope of marine life. Look out for the graceful spotted eagle rays, there are several who come to visit the boats to check on any scraps from the catch of the day!


Day 2 South Water Caye

South Water Caye is a pristine 12 acre private island that is one of the most beautiful and exclusive islands in Belize. South Water Caye sits on the reef on the north side of South Water Cut, which is a ¼ mile wide gap in the reef. Grunts, black groupers, snappers and moray eels all hide out in the overhangs and making for a spectacular snorkeling experience. Sundowners are a must at the Blue Marlin Lodge, one of favorite little bars in all of Belize.


Day 4 Tobacco Caye

Tobacco Caye is a 5 acre palm-fringed coral island perched on the barrier reef, which makes it a great place to snorkel or dive from the shore, plus its central location means it is within 10 minutes by boat to some of the best snorkel sites in all of Belize. There are a couple of small laid-back resorts and a tiny beach bar serving fresh coconut water and icy cold rum cocktails with hammocks to lounge in. 39 local islanders call this rock their home and it’s a great place to learn about their way of remote island life.


Day 6 RanguanaCaye

Ranguana Caye is a remote island on the barrier reef home to a tiny resort with colorful wooden structures, plus a fun beach bar that is welcoming of sail boats and day visitors. The resident parrot ‘Charlie’ is a star attraction, along with the tall swaying palms and pristine white sands of the island.


Day 8 North Long Cocoa 

North Long Cocoa is one of our favourite islands as it’s a fisherman and snorkelers mecca, with a maze of sand bars, coral reefs and deep channels in between. There are some palapa structures over the water that make for a perfect place to enjoy an al-fresco lunch and 9 times out of 10 not a soul to be seen for miles around.


Sailing offers you the ultimate opportunity to explore all that Belize has to offer with total flexibility. We tailor your itinerary based on your tastes, pace and interest! Check out our sample itineraries that illustrate the many possibilities for discovering Belize. Our Northern and Southern itineraries can be merged to include some of the highlights of both routes.

(Please note than no itinerary can be completely fixed and will be subject to weather and sailing conditions, guest preferences and the Captain’s whims.)

Important: in Belize 10% tax is charged.
The prices informed do not include taxes.


Sailboats depart from Belize City, 19 km south of Phillip Goldson International Airport. Scuba diving trips include places such as Lighthouse Reef, Turneffe Atoll.  These atoll formations in the middle of the ocean offer unlimited opportunities for wall diving, coral gardens and currents. International flights to Belize depart regularly from anywhere in the world and almost always stop in Miami, Florida. There are several airlines that offer flights to Belize: American Airlines, British Airways, among others.

Day 1 St Georges Caye

Steeped in history, St George’s Caye was the first capital of the British settlement in Belize.  The island is principally home to private families, however it is possible to use this as a base for some great snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing.  On the island there is a very special aquarium in the boathouse at the St Georges Caye Lodge. Your tour guide is the resort owner’s son Karly Ricky Bischof, aged 12. Karly is a budding marine biologist and if his impressive little aquarium and his knowledge of the 100-plus fish inside is any indication, he’s going to be a good one.

Vacation itineraries - Southern


Day 1   Bluefield Range

Bluefield Range is a mangrove cluster teeming with wildlife which makes for a fantastic kayaking destination. Kayak through the tiny channels, look out for manatees and even take some bait and a fishing line and see if you can catch dinner.


Day 3 Man-o-War Caye

Man-O-War Caye is a designated bird sanctuary. From afar it looks like any other tiny mangrove island, but as you journey closer to shore the frenzy of activity becomes apparent, with birds soaring in the sky above in every direction… and the guys strutting their stuff (or inflating their red gular pouches) for the ladies during breeding season. The three different types of mangrove vegetation provide a perfect sanctuary to a variety of indigenous bird species, including Pelicans, Brown Booby birds, and the Magnificent Frigate birds (also known as Man-O-War birds).


Day 5 Placencia

Placencia was once a sleepy seaside village that is slowly growing up into a small popular beach town, with a collection of local hangouts and some more international and upscale spots, making it a great stop off point for those wanting to indulge in a spa treatment, have dinner on shore, check out the local arts and crafts shops and lots more. The main street has won the Guinness World Record award for being the narrowest main street in the world, making a popular photo op! The mixology at Rumfish Y Vino is not to be missed and our favorite cocktail is the ginger mojito.


Day 7 Pelican Cayes

Pelican Cayes is a great anchorage on our journey north or south, as this hidden away collection of mangrove islands are surrounded by some of the most impressive coral heads in the country and teem with incredible marine life. Furthermore, there is a tiny bar hidden away that runs on solar panels and a generator, which makes for a fun pit stop after a day on the water

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