Real Sailors

We are not a company, we are a big family of ocean and boats lovers, composed by 3 standards:

The sailors who live aboard and open their boat’s doors, becoming hosts and sharing their most amazing experiences around the world.

You, who is about to have a truly enriching meeting with the onboard life!

And us, from the platform Sailboattrips, who connect you with your hosts and the best vacation of your life!


Our friends hosts and their boats are selected very carefully and they’re ready to receive you with the best spirit, great food e total respect aboard their floating homes!

Come aboard, we’re waiting for you with arms wide open!

Lagoon 40fts - Mauricio and André 

This amazing catamaran is runned by joyfull captain José Mauricio and by the competent and lovely chef Andre.

It is the perfect option for guests who are looking for fun and experient hosts that know the best spots in the San Blás area.

Great foods and incredible drinks by the sunset will turn this into an unique experience.

They speak portuguese, spanish and english.



Lagoon 42fts - Mónica and Diego

Diego and Monica live aboard this incredible catamaran  and are willing to share this wonderful sea life with you.
Monica  will prepare amazing food for you.
Come aboard and enjoy one of the best Catamaran of San Blas. They speak English, Italian and Spanish.


Jenneau 43fts - Deici, Jorge and Yamir

This charming and authentic Jeanneau 43ft is the home of the dedicated family formed by Jorge, Deicily and Yamir. Jorge is a Spanish sailor with many miles navigated and is very familiarized with the Caribbean Sea and the best spots of San Blás. Deici is from Guatemala and her kindness will overwhelm you while you stay with them. Yamir is the lively young soon of the couple, he is 4 and will be glad to show your the beauties of his home land! Come aboard this boat with an adventurous and fun family! 


Nautitech 48fts - Daniela & Carlos

We are aware that when looking to go on a Caribbean charter, it is also very important to find a crew that matches your vibe and travel style. Boat chartering with us in San Blas is the best way to get to know this destination if:
- You want a customized experience to your needs and favorite things to do. Whether you are a snorkeling fan, kitesurf addict, or just want to do island hopping from beach to beach, we will make it happen.
- You want to travel through remote places without sacrificing comfort or privacy.
- You love good food as much as we do :)

Our promise to you, is that we will take care of everything you need to live unforgettable moments without having to worry about anything different to having fun!

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Beneteau Clipper 42fts - Rodrigo & Giulia

We are an italian/brasilian couple who decided to live our dream,
combining our love for travel and passion for nature…for us the best
compromise is living on a boat. We are sailing together on our sailboat for over 3 years now. We started from Italy and the Mediterranean
sea and then we sailed all along the way to finally reach the Carribean sea. We
have sailed more than 15.000 nautic miles with one Atlantic crossing
included. We can fluently communicate in English, Italian, Portuguese,
Spanish and French.


Catamaran 39fts - Nano, Cami, Ben y Lua

We are a floating family that live aboard . We are filmmakers, travelers and sailors, we are exploring the Caribbean at the moment. In our sailboat we can discover the Guna Yala Archipelago freely, watching unique landscapes. You can get off the boat to walk around the paradise islands, snorkel in coral reefs or just relax in the hammock with a good book or music. Come and experience San Blas from another perspective and share a sustainable way of life. 


Lagoon 44fts - Vicent & Florence

After business studies and twelve years in a Parisian office, captain Vincent decided it was time for a new life.

A detour in Boulogne-sur-mer, in the north of France to get his "Captain 200 voile" (french skipper degree), got him to the Caribbean to look for the dream boat along the chef Florence, that after finishing her industrial design studies in Paris, decided that it is a great city, but much too far from the sea. Back on the french riviera after a few years traveling, she meets Vincent and they started sailing together.

Lagoon44fts_boat_fish tartare

Centurion 47fts -Ian, Aldo and Patricia

We are a very active family who loves sports and also now how to be relaxed and give the best expirience on this trip, we been working in tourism for years and we love giving to people a experience that will always be remember whit a smile. We are 3 member crew all family and super easy going. Ian the Captain loves sailing and is a great tour guide together whit Aldo his dad who is the owner of the boat, also a very sporty men and a very good diver, and Patricia his girlfriend who is an excellent chef, they been sailing together for the pasts 5 years in this beautiful Centurion 47 ft.  We are all from Argentina and Chile, we speak Spanish, English and little portuguese. We are looking forward to host you.


Lagoon 55fts - Polo 

The French skipper Polo has sailed for the last 30 years in various Mediterranean Spots, Caribbean Islands and Transatlantic Crossings. He loves free diving and spear fishing. He speaks French, Spanish and English. Polo is an excellent fisherman so be prepared for some catch of the day! 

He is accompanied by a guna hostess.


Venezia 42ft - Drika and Daniel

 Daniel worked long as a captain and after thousands of miles, deliveries and many crossings of the Atlantic, he came with Drika to the Caribbean 6 years ago and since then, they sail together.
Diving instructor and kitesurfer, knows the best places to dive and practice kite. He is also a certified practitioner of a Japanese art to harmonize energy: Jin Shin Jyutsu®.
Drika is a civil engineer but loves to cook. It prepares you delicious Brazilian regional meals with fresh products from the sea! Its specialty is vegan and raw vegan food.
They speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.

O veleiro
O veleiro

Cheoy Lee 40fts - Nicolas 

A charming and unique boat, with a crew that will make you feel like you are at home by the sea.

Delicious foods and drinks are the perfect complement for your dream vacation! 

Great choice for great days at paradise.

The argentinian captain Nicolás is a sea expert with many miles navigated and among all places in the world he chosen to be at San Blás and share with you the best places around the archipelag.

He speaks spanish and english and will do his best to make the guests comfortable and always well assisted.

Andrea lived many years in Italy as a very successful artist, poet and recreational pilot. Selling everything in 2012 to buy his boat, he left all he knew behind and began a new adventure on the ocean.
Andrea is a licensed captain. Having sailed on the monohull all the way from Italy, making over 17,000 nautical miles, he knows how to handle the 50ft boat.  A fantastic chef, Andrea never fails to impress guests with fancy Italian dishes, especially when they include fresh fish caught that day on our trawler. Andrea speaks Italian, Spanish, French and English.
Andrea will normally have another sailor with him to help out. Either a local from the Guna community or somebody with charter experience in San Blas.



Andrea - Beneteau Cyclades 50



Leopard 50fts - Alexia, Rapha & Carlos

Carlos is the captain, Alexia and Rapha the hosts, for sure you will have amazing days aboard with this fun, yet professional crew.
We have 02 small dogs, Siba and Morro.

Fun guaranteed on board.
We speak english, spanish and french.

Come enjoy paradise with us!

XYacht 45ft - Gabriel & Cota

Gabriel is the experienced and easy going captain of the charming monohull Yacht 45ft.

He is from Brazil, loves to fish, sail and surf.

Cota is from Argentina and she is responsible for the delicious food aboard.

Maya has just joined the team, she is the couple´s young daughter and shares their love for the ocean.

This lovely couple will take great care of you during your stay in San Blás with all the attention that you deserve.

They speak portuguese, spanish and english.



Catamaran Nerea 42fts - Cris & Zule

Cristian is the captain and engineer by formation.

Zulema is the chef that will ensure you eat delightfully on board and she is also a profesional yoga teacher.

Both have been working aboard monohulls and catamarans around the world for the past 6 years. They love San Blás and for this reason this will their third season at the archipelag.

They speak spanish and english. 

Beneteau 50fts - Alex & Anabel

Alex is a Professional Recreation Skipper with more than 20 years of experience in the world of dinghy sailing, catamarans and cruises of different lengths. Anabel, Sevillana patron (of El Cuervo) with thousands of miles behind her and with a more than proven experience at sea is the sailor of the boat. She has the optimal qualities that any captain at her side would want. Possessor of very valuable qualities aboard any vessel. A nurse by profession, a diver and with good cooking skills, they will make your experience in the Beneteau 50fts as comfortable, safe and pleasant as possible and that your only concern is to enjoy your stay aboard.



Dufour 51fts - Angie, Mike & Cesar

Mike (French) and Angie (Colombian) are a young couple who will welcome you aboard this incredible Dufour 51fts. Angie is usually involved in the kitchen. They have boarded the competent Captain Cesar (Colombian), who will take them to see the best of San Blas. Come discover San Blas with this incredible team.

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Dufour51fts (16)
Dufour51fts (3)
Dufour51fts (9)

Lagoon 41ft - Chris & Mari

The hostess Mari will enchant you with her kindness and her good humor. Originally from Venezuela but having lived for years in Europe, she will offer you a great variety of dishes from the Caribbean and elsewhere... She will try her best to make your life easier on board.
Chris, the Skipper will welcome you aboard and offer you all kinds of activities. He will be at your disposal and will bring to use his experience as a tourist guide in the South of France, the Caribbean and Venezuela, to adapt the activities to your desires.
Whether you come as a couple, friends or family, we will do our best to adapt your stay according to your wishes. The mentality of the crew as well as the surroundings, call for dream holidays. Here, we will mix water sports, leisure and relaxation, along with the respect for their culture and local environment. We attach great importance to living in harmony with our new habitat and especially respecting the local population and its traditions.

Lagoon FG 55fts - Elena, Lea and Nali

Elena is the Captain, she has 7 years of experience sailing in San Blas, she knows the area very well and the Kunas who live in the Islands. It can show you the best places and tell about the History of this magical place. He speaks German, English, Spanish and a little bit of Kuna (the language of the indigenous people of San Blas)
Lea, the Marinera / cook has been sailing and living in the Sea for 2 years, before she was working in Gastronomy, and she knows how to prepare the best cocktails and food with great creativity. She speaks German, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Nali, the sailor with 4 legs is an exceptional pit bull dog with 6 years of experience in the sea. He knows better how to swim than run and is responsible for the watch of the boat.
The best companion of humans loves to have company but is very respectful and kind. He is also a coconut peeling professional and famous on Instagram and Facebook.


Bavaria 42ft - Uriol

Great boat, very comfortable and autonomous. We have solar panels, wind turbine and desalination plant. Captain Uriol likes to cook, relax and enjoy the beauties of San Blás, which is pure life!

Leopard 44fts - Steven

Captain Steven is a mariner to the core, having owned boats for 25+ years and sailed 15,000+ nautical miles around the Atlantic and Caribbean. He is passionate about all things related to the sea including: water sports, marine conservation, and nautical history. He grew up on the coast of Florida where he learned to water ski at 5, and scuba at 10. At 13 his first job was deck hand on a day-charter boat in the Cayman Islands. For almost 20 years he lead a double life with a corporate career during the week while pursuing a mariner's life on the weekends. In 2018 he bought Easy Breezy and sailed away to explore the world and live on the sea. He is preparing to cross the Pacific when borders reopen and weather permits. In the meantime, using the boat to make charters to fund the project.


Salinas 48ft - Fred

Fred is the very experienced, pleasant, and professional captain of this amazing catamaran. He is an American captain, who will identify your interests, maximize your time, and accommodate your preferences day-to-day. Fred is assisted by a young woman who helps him to cook. Lobsters, giant crabs, fresh fish but also meat, burgers , etc… Salina carries a BBQ and offers wines, as well has some hard drinks.
Speak english.

Vilm 40fts - Lorenzo & Alejandra

Lorenzo from Barcelona is a tireless traveler, traveling the world has visited every continent. He also swam and dived in all oceans and seas. His passion is the sea and all that implies. By boat has sailed extensively throughout the Spanish Mediterranean coast and the Caribbean (from Virgin island to Grenada). He discovered paradise San Blas and want to enjoy it with him to visit his boat. Has Divemaster Padi ( (In the San Blas diving is not permitted, only snorkeling).

Alejandra from Venezuela is a remarkable cook, she has worked in tourism and with indigenous communities for over 10 years. 

They are lovers of nature and travel, as well as respectful of local cultures and wildlife.


Sun Legend 41fts - Sonia

The crew is made up of Charles, the captain and Sonia, the sailor. They are French and speak English and a little Spanish.
Charles has been a sailing teacher for 10 years. He is passionate about sailing and would love to share his passion and teach you how to sail if you wish!
Sonia is also passionate about sailing. She has been sailing for 6 years. He worked with children and engaged in activities with them in France. He is concerned with the concept of "Zero Waste" and manufactures his own products (such as laundry soap, dishwashing liquids, cosmetics and other things).

Dufor 50fts - Roberto, Fabio, Sheyla 

Roberto is from Italy, As a highly motivated Captain with commercial diving experience and cooking passion i love to sail with my guests offering a great experience like Five Star “All inclusive” charter in San Blas and Caribbean.
My training and work experience has provided me with a wide range of skills including customer care, boat maintenance and the management of people.
Fabio is the second captain, always very solicitous and helpful.
Sheyla is a person who takes care of cooking, serving, cleaning the cabins, serving customers so that they have the best vacations and live unforgettable memories on board.


Nautitech 46F - Liran and Andrea

The captain

Liran is very experiencing and has been sailing most of his life

He has sailed throughout the Mediterranean and Carribbean

He took his own boat across the Atlantic in 2019

 Liran is from Israel, speak english, spanish
Andrea is the host chef, she is from Canada, she will make sure you have an amazing stay.


Oceanic 52ft - Agustin & Toni

The crew is formed by Agustín who sails since childhood. Although he is young, he's got a lot of sailing experience. A calm and nice person, very easy to live with. The cooker, Toni is a professional Chef. specialized on mediterranean cuisine, rice dishes and seafood. Very creative and friendly, he is also a good sailor. 


Beneteau 38ft - Jonh & Eileen

The crew is form Venezuela and has been living in Panamá for over 10 years.
Very kind, they are always ready to make your trip memorable.
Speak english and Spanish.