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Where do I stay in San Blas?

There are two ways to stay in the San Blas islands; onboard a boat (sailboat or catamaran) or in a Kuna Cabana. On-board a boat in San Blas: The best way to experience the San Blas archipelago is to stay on a catamaran or sailboat because you’ll be able to visit incredible places accessible only by boat.

Sailing through these islands, you’ll be cooled by the sea breeze and kissed by the sun, every day viewing the sun rise and sun set over a different horizon.

Sailing into the sunset in San Blas
San Blas Islands Sunset

Besides the variety of islands you’ll visit, you’ll enjoy the vast array of local fruits and fish at each of the three daily meals provided on board. Lobster, octopus, crab, barracuda and a multitude of fish all prepared by your onboard chef.

As you sail from island to island, you’ll meet the local Kuna friends of your Captain and crew who have sailed many seasons through the San Blas archipelago.

You’ll have a chance to photograph and learn first hand about their customs, cooking, art and lifestyle.

In addition, you’ll enjoy a fine array of activities to choose from as each sailboat and catamaran cis equipped with kayaks, paddle-boards, snorkels, games, etc. for your entertainment.

Kids Snorkelling in San Blas
Snorkeling San Blas Islands

Hosted in a Kuna Cabana The Kuna Cabana is an affordable option for staying in the San Blas islands. Typically, they feature shared rooms and communal bathrooms while others have sea-view rooms with private bathrooms, wooden floors, verandas, etc.

Kuna Cabana San Blas Islands
Kuna Cabana

But, remember, even the most elaborate Kuna Cabana is rustic. This is your chance to embrace simplicity! Three meals are included, but nothing more. Remember to bring with your snacks, fruits, nuts, sweets and anything else you need to keep you happy. Usually on host islands, you’ll find a little cantina that sells soda, beer, drinks and water… but, don’t expect to be able to order a hot drink or cocktail.

Typical Hotels in San Blas
Kuna hotels

In fact, be prepared to not be able to buy anything because the inventory is subject to irregular deliveries beyond the control of the resident Kuna.


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